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My Story

Profitability Strategy Expert


How long have I been doing what I do, and how did I become a Profit Strategist?

Entrepreneurship has always been in my blood – by age 21 I was a Certified Esthetician and within 6 months of graduating, had opened my own salon. Young and naïve, I thought I would save money by going to school at night to learn how to manage my financials. In hindsight, that served me well because my clients learned of my additional credentials and I started to develop a “side-gig” as a bookkeeper.

Never did I think that I could turn my part-time bookkeeping gig, run from a corner in my living room, into a successful business helping Entrepreneurs. This thought never crossed my mind until it had to. I was in an extremely unhealthy marriage with someone who devalued me and my contributions. Our home was a toxic environment that seemed inescapable – my part-time bookkeeping gig wasn’t going to support me and 3 kids. I had to make a plan and get out. 

It was in this moment that I had never been so grateful that I was once a broke twenty-one year-old too picky and frugal to let anyone else handle my financials. With what I knew under my belt, I took more courses and programs and invested time in myself. I built up my client roster and was working beyond my own capacity. I was on overload and was making money – I could do this!

Then he lost his job and everything I brought in now became his spending pot.

There was no thought about tax reserves or operating expenses, he just spent what came in.
Needless to say, the debt was mounting.

My spirits were shattered – how the hell was I going to get out of this?

I was on the hunt for everything I needed to create something amazing out of nothing. This was going to be my lifeline and my freedom, so it was time to kick it into full gear.

For me, strength came through pain and determination and not just the want, but the need to be financially stable by my own means. When it became imperative that I get my children out of this unhealthy environment, I had no choice but to build what I could with the skills that I had. I learned how to systematize my practice so I could grow it into a business. I learned how to manage cash-flow so I operated within my means, had money to pay taxes and also pay myself.

After years of planning and exhaustion, I had finally generated a steady income that was the bottom line of my freedom. In 2016 I proved to myself that not only could I remove myself from a foul 11-year relationship, but I could push the limits that I thought were unobtainable. Since then, I have learned that the sky is not the limit; you are in fact, limitless.

I’ve gone on to take that knowledge I acquired in my own strategy and apply it to other businesses. Studying the Profit First cash flow methodology, I became a Certified Mastery Profit First Professional and my mission is to empower all business owners around their finances. My experiences have made me an expert in helping Entrepreneurs become profitable – and on top of that, I work with countless bookkeepers and accountants who want to do the same.

I’ve worked with many private clients and have been a guest speaker on many webinars and podcasts. I lived my dream of having my business run constantly with a positive cash flow, taxes paid on time, every time and a hefty take-home pay.  The actual technical stuff in the business (the bookkeeping) runs without me – PROFITABLY; and I have created Accelerate 2 Advisor™: An intensive mastermind program to help you fully understand and put into action the process of transitioning from compliance & overwhelm into high-value advisory.

Ron Saharyan, Co-founder & Managing Director Profit First Professionals

“Lisa is such a gift to our community.  She is an inspiration and invaluable mentor to our community of bookkeeping business owners”

Michael Palmer, CEO Australia, USA and Canada Pure Bookkeeping

“Lisa is both passionate and caring which is why she actively looks for ways to share the lessons she’s learned to help others succeed. I’ve always found her energy for life and success contagious so take some time to listen and learn”

Roger Knecht, President Universal Accounting Center




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