Beyond Bookkeeping

How to partner with your clients, add tremendous value, and build a profitable business that matters!

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About the Book

You don’t have to wait any longer.

You have the experience and the expertise. Now is the time to elevate your bookkeeping knowledge to a level you thought was out of reach. With Beyond Bookkeeping, legendary consultant and profit strategist Lisa Campbell leads you step-by-step as you reposition your services, get back your freedom and worth, and make a huge, positive impact on your clients’ lives and businesses.

In your new role as an advisor to your clients, you will:
– Work only with the people you want
– Have time for your personal life
– Grow your wealth
– Experience a career that is fulfilling and rewarding

The life you’ve been dreaming of is in your hands.

With Beyond Bookkeeping You'll Discover How to:

  • Partner with your clients
  • Level up your advisory services
  • Give yourself a raise - right now!​
  • Avoid common business-building mistakes
  • Get out of your own way
  • Stop selling yourself short
  • Have a roster of ideal high-ticket clients
  • Add tremendous value
  • Take back your calendar
  • Love what you do
“If you’ve ever wondered if THAT was really ALL there is to it now, chances are it’s NOT all there is to it for you! And if you’re just feeling like you finally want to fly, but the strings of your busy life are keeping you glued to the ground, Beyond Bookkeeping is your next must-read book. Lisa Campbell knows her stuff, having walked every single step of this path herself. Every thorny hedge, every rock, every stumbling block she’s experienced firsthand, and she’s compiled all her knowledge into this book so YOU can save yourself all those detours and bloody noses. You want to finally unleash your strings and fly? Then grab Lisa’s hand now and take the first step!”

– Benita Königbauer


Who is Lisa Campbell

A Certified Professional Bookkeeper turned Profit Strategist (CPFP Master) after turning her practice into a business that allows her the ability to serve her high-end client’s needs as a strategist rather than a bookkeeper.

A guest speaker on countless podcasts, webinars and live training events, Lisa is the Director of Profit First Professionals Canada, The Marcam Group, and Accelerate 2 Advisor. She is also the Head of Mentoring North America for The Successful Bookkeeper.

Lisa is guiding entrepreneurs & bookkeepers to skyrocket their confidence, cash flow and freedom with money, mindset & positioning tools that help her clients prosper exponentially.